Spark arrestor, Mobiflex/Statiflex 400

Prism® Wall Mount Replacement Filters

Replacement Filters compatible with Prism Wall Mount with Mechanized Cleaning fume extraction unit.



The Prism Wall Mount units are stationary, wall-mounted low vacuum systems intended for light to medium duty extraction and filtration of welding fume. Ideal for job shops, welding schools and maintenance departments, the Prism Wall Mount unit is designed for facilities with fixed work stations and limited floor space.


  • Automatic Cleaning - The Prism Wall Mount Base Unit is capable of monitoring any pressure drops across the filters. If detected above a pre-set value, the system automatically starts the cleaning process. The particulate is blown off of the filters by controlled blasts of compressed air.
  • Once the filters are unable to obtain a pressure below 1700 Pa after several cleaning attempts, the filters should be replace.
  • Filter Choices:
    • MERV 16 Filter Cartridge, NANO - Features NANO fibers
    • Spark Arrestor - Functions as a pre-filter for larger-sized particulate

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Applications such Automotive
  • Light and General Fabrication
  • Education
  • Maintenance
  • Job Shops


Warning -

Cancer and Reproductive Harm -