Hydroform and Structural Frame Automation


Honing Your Process to Maximize Output

In today’s highly competitive landscape, on-demand delivery is increasingly becoming a point of differentiation for many metalforming fabricators.

Whether you are making parts for automotive, appliances, HVAC, refrigeration, steel furniture, or any other application – these changing expectations require fabricators to find innovative ways to quickly turnaround parts when needed and in the quantities required.

Lincoln Electric understands these challenges and others faced by fabricators across these industries segments. With decades of industry expertise and R&D research, our team of experts can help you enhance your metalforming operation, lower operation costs and strike the right balance between part quality, speed and productivity.
Whether your plan is to use new or re-deployed robots, or any combination, Lincoln Electric can integrate the design and bring your project to a safe, efficient and affordable conclusion.

Our Metalforming Advantage

  • Extensive 3D modeling using CAD translation and customer-supplied part geometry data
  • Finite Element Analysis to optimize line engineering design and resolve time and resource issues
  • Validation of cycle time projections
  • Complete modern machine shop (no third-party machining houses)
  • Dedicated tool building group for precision-machined components
  • Higher part yield and quality


Tube Bending Fabrication

Tubular fabricated components have become the ideal engineered solution for an ever increasing number of applications and markets – ranging from automotive and appliance, to HVAC, refrigeration, steel furniture and more. With this growth comes an inevitable demand for higher component part quality and productivity, including quick job change-over capability to meet “just in time” demands.

Lincoln Electric has developed a range of flexible, reliable and cost effective tube bending and fabricating solutions that can deliver maximum return on investment.

Hydroform Structural Frame Automation

Hydroforming is a cost-effective way to shape metal into strong and lightweight components. This specialized die forming uses high pressure hydraulic fluid to press working material into the die, enabling the production of complex shapes, and lighter and sturdier unibody parts.

Component shapes can be optimized for form or function. Reinforcing components or additional bracket elements can often be eliminated, allowing for simplified assembly, better fit up and higher quality in the finished vehicle.

Although used primarily by the auto industry for making products from sheet and tube, this technology is finding additional applications almost daily.


Additional Capabilities

  • Forging
  • Hammer
  • Press
  • Upsetter
  • Coldforming
  • Pre-Form

Industrial Applications

Our automated metalforming equipment solutions are ideal for fabricators who are looking to optimize system performance for high part yield and quality.
Some common industrial applications include:
• Automotive
• Metal Fabrication
• Heavy Fabrication
• Manufacturing


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Hydro‐Form/Structural Frame Automation

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