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Certificate Center
 Certificate Center
Agency Certifications AWS D1.8 Certificates AWS D1.1 and D1.5 Certificates

Certificates of Conformance - (These certificates of conformance do not reference a Q1 Lot number)

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Q1 Certificate of Conformance - (Applicable certificate of conformance for a specific Q1 Lot)

Input Q1 Lot Number
Example: Q1 Lot 12135190, enter 12135190 into the field

Q1 Certificate of Actual Chemistry - (For Q1 Schedule K Lincolnweld® Flux and Q1 Schedule H carbon and low alloy steel Lincolnweld® Wire and Lincoln® Cut Length certificates only)

Input Q1 Lot Number
Example: Q1 Lot 11905153, enter 11905153 into the field

Wire and Flux Combination Certificate

Input Q1 Wire Lot Number Example: Q1 Wire Lot 13220339, enter 13220339 into the field
Input Q1 Flux Lot Number Example: Q1 Flux Lot 13364702, enter 13364702 into the field
Enter Company Name  

Q2 Certified and Tested Lot Controlled Materials - (For all Price Book tested products including Pipeliner, stainless steel and SuperGlaze products)

Search by Lot Number   Examples: - Q2 Lot 798A, enter 798A into the field
  - Q2 Lot 11952284, enter 11952284 into the field

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