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ED033827 ED034200

Innershield® NR®-440Ni2

14lb Coil Innershield NR-207 Hermetically Sealed Pail

AWS: E71T8-Ni2-JH8, E71T8-A4-Ni2-H8

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Top Features

  • Premium Offshore Weldability – designed to provide optimal weldability in narrow TKY joints and poor fit up conditions
  • Excellent Toe Wash-In – expect fast travel speeds and a flat bead face when using vertical-up or vertical-down welding techniques
  • Low Temperature Impact Toughness – meets ABS 4YSA and AWS J classification
  • Low Diffusible Hydrogen Levels – meets H8 diffusible hydrogen requirements over a range of humidity levels
  • ProTech® Packaging – hermetically sealed packaging for moisture resistance
  • Q2 Lot – certificate showing actual deposit chemistry and mechanical properties per lot available online

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Diameter (in)
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Product Number
14 lb Coil (56 lb Pail)
  • AWS 5.29/A5.29M and ASME SFA-5.29: E71T8-Ni2-JH8
  • ABS: 4YSAH10
  • DNV: IV YMS H10
  • LR: 4YS H10