Standard Nose Cone Assembly

External Dress Water-Cooled Standard Nose Cone Assembly


Standard Nose Cone Assembly for use with the Magnum PRO External Dress Water-Cooled Robotic Torch


USD $501.00/EA


Utilizing an innovative cooling design, the Magnum® PRO Water-Cooled Robotic Torch can run at higher amperages without sacrificing torch and expendable life.


    • Withstands High Duty Cycle Applications - Compared to traditional air-cooledtorches, the Magnum PRO Water-Cooled Robotic Torch can run at 100% duty cycleat 650A with 90/10 mixed gas.
    • Extended Expendable Life - Conduction and convection cooling near the end of the torch keeps expendables cool. This expands the life of the expendables, increases the amount of arc-on time, and lowers replacement parts costs.


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